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My introduction to square foot gardening February 22, 2008

Filed under: Garden Prep,Square Foot Gardening,Winter — Kate @ 12:03 am

Today I continued reading about Square Foot Gardening (SFG) whenever I had a moment and a free hand (propped book up on baby toy while nursing baby). While enthusiastic about the promise of this method, I’m put off by the SFG “look,” as much as I know it: The incessant grid and glaring pine or vinyl frames are just too tidy and uniform — funny, this is exactly how I felt about mid-Ohio housing developments, when I lived near them.

How can I make it a little more interesting? Paint the wood a dark color, is all I’ve come up with, but I wonder if it will still look like a sandbox. I wish I could salvage an interesting bed frame or something. I would actually love to use corrugated metal — that’s how difficult my taste is — but I can’t work with it.

A stone wall, maybe, but again: how, and from where?

Ultimately, indecision.

Will sleep on it.


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