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What I’ve Got to Work With, Part 2 March 1, 2008


Neville scoped out the future site of a pumpkin patch for me. This involved going to the edge of the condo parking lot and taking photos of the southern wall of the 24-hour CVS store. Here it is, a desolate spit of land with excellent sun exposure that is just crying out for a little improvement.

The plan is to soup up a 1’x2′ box with Mel’s Mix — following the Square Foot Gardening method — and either dig it into the layer of mulchy stuff that’s there now, or just set it on the ground, and plant it with a pumpkin seed.

Risks: Someone from CVS will see said squash vine and have it removed. Or, someone else will see a juicy jack-o-lantern and take it for themselves. So, do I label the thing, or not? Claim ownership, or not, and just hope that someone, aside from a pumpkin smasher, will get to enjoy a pumpkin?


One Response to “What I’ve Got to Work With, Part 2”

  1. […] Jack-O’-Lantern pumpkin has arrived. Having decided that it would be threatened if guerrilla-planted by the CVS store, it’s destined for the bottom of the yard at my folks’ house, instead. […]

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