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Who Invented Drain Cleaners? (I Have a Vendetta) March 4, 2008

Drano & the like are the worst, most uselessly pollutant things you can pour down a drain.

(I know this has nothing to do with gardening, but I really think that 99% of the usage of drain cleaners is superfluous and ridiculous and I’m making it a point to preach the organic remedy — much like my lifelong goal to eliminate plastic from my home.)

So if you have a clogged drain, please try this natural drain cleaner first. It unclogged my bathroom drains and is kind of fun to boot, for natural clean geeks like me.

Natural Drain Opener Ingredients

Super Non-Toxic Bubbling Drain Opener
1 C. baking soda
1/2 C. white vinegar
kettle of boiling water

Pour or spoon the baking soda down the drain. Follow with vinegar. When it stops fizzing, pour boiling water down drain. Alternate more vinegar with boiling water for really stubborn drains.

OK, so my fiance had to use an old bottle brush to loosen up some seriously heinous buildup on the sink drain, but the bathtub drain went without a hitch. And, I say, don’t shy away from a little work when it comes to saving the Earth for our kids.


One Response to “Who Invented Drain Cleaners? (I Have a Vendetta)”

  1. b Says:

    Hey thanks. This does work. I used apple cider vinegar

    I’ll tell ya, that apple cider vinegar is so dang useful. I’m going to write a poem about it.

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