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Garden Prep Shopping, Take 1 March 7, 2008

Today Neville and I went to a couple garden centers with a long list, including painstaking calculations of all the ingredients I’ll need for Mel’s Mix super-growing soil, but came away with just two purchases: A full-spectrum lamp and a small bag of vermiculite, both for seed-starting. Yes, I may be ready to get everything prepared for the growing season, but neither the weather nor the stores were really ready for my boy-scout spirit.

At the Home Depot gardening center, the bags of compost were still frozen together. Strike one. At my favorite Find Everything general store, Dan & Whit’s in Norwich, they have not started selling spring gardening supplies yet. I asked when they might stock “compost and such,” and got some sterling nuggets of Yankee wisdom from the stately old attendant: “About the time the snow’s gone; hodd to tell when that might be; might be the end of the month; ground’s still frozen! Can’t work the ground, anyway! When it’s still frozen!” Strike Two, except it’s always so much fun to go there, so it wasn’t really a strike.

Anyway, I have the rudiments of seed-starting. Tomorrow: Seeds!


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  1. […] Some very early Romaine lettuce. (Because, although spring may just be 10 days away on the calendar, here in central New Hampshire there’s still a lot more white than brown or any kind of green outside; definitely more of a frosty than a fertile scene; see previously-quoted Yankee wisdom.) […]

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