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Very Early Lettuce March 11, 2008

Very Early Lettuce

So today I did it. I planted the first seeds of 2008.

Some very early Romaine lettuce. (Because, although spring may just be 10 days away on the calendar, here in central New Hampshire there’s still a lot more white than brown or any kind of green outside; definitely more of a frosty than a fertile scene; see previously-quoted Yankee wisdom.)

But I am so eager to begin this growing season, I can’t wait two weeks or more to start peppers and spinach, peas, radishes, and carrots…I need a “plant now” crop.

Last year, my garden plans were so simple, and so hopelessly doomed: In April, I began a bunch of seeds that a friend had sent me, without any regard for season or frost dates, everything from beans to pumpkins. The only thing I knew about the seasonality of produce was that I ate local corn in high summer and apples ripened in the fall. And I wasn’t going to grow either of those.

It’s so different this year. Oh, it’s going to be rich.


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