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Seedlings in Their TP Roll Pots March 19, 2008

Potted Lettuce Seedlings
Spring begins in just a few hours (March 20th!) and I’m ready. Today I potted my tender lettuce sprouts.

Frustrated in my attempts to make Mel’s Mix, since no one is selling compost yet, I came up with a good alternative. I mixed 2/3 Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Soil with 1/3 vermiculite to lighten it up, since it’s very dense straight out of the bag. I packed this into toilet paper rolls, a trick I learned from (I didn’t bother cutting and folding the bottoms to make an actual container, because I found the soil just dense enough not to fall out the tube when handled tenderly.)

Let me tell you, these seedlings are pampered and happy. They’re dark green and hearty, which I attribute to the full-spectrum lamp hovering inches from their upturned faces. Have no fear, it’s spring in here, lady lettuce; it’s spring.


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