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Garden Prep Shopping, Take 2 March 21, 2008

2008 Seed Packets

New snow on the ground this morning, but my spirits will not be dampened. Yesterday I bought fistfuls of seeds: peas, Little Finger baby carrots (both for baby food), Lynx Hybrid peppers, basil, radishes, zucchini, swiss chard, and jack o’lantern pumpkin (destined for my guerrilla gardening project on the CVS store property line).

Eager to start, the basil and peppers are already bedded in vermiculite. Today the Romaine lettuces are sporting their first true leaves. I think they’ll be delicious.

The array of seed companies is wonderful and daunting. I really don’t select with much rhyme or reason. I am very attracted to shiny “organic” stickers, though, especially for baby-food crops. And I like to buy things that should have the least mileage: seeds from New England companies whenever possible.

For the first time I visited Longacres Nursery Center and was thrilled. I’m pretty sure they carry everything I’ll need to build a Square Foot Garden. The helpful cashier mentioned how bad full-spectrum light-bulbs are for the environment, though, which gives me pause. I don’t know exactly what she was referring to, or if all full-spectrum lamps are at fault, so I’ll have to look into it.

Also at Longacres I bought Jiffy growing cells. I was happy to find a product that wasn’t made of peat, since I’ve gleaned from my limited readings that it’s not the most easily renewable resource. Small, ongoing efforts to save the world for my daughter.

[Author’s note, 4/14/’08: The above is total crap — jiffy pots are, indeed, made of peat, although they do not loudly advertise the fact. They fooled me. Think the word “peat” is mentioned just once on the packaging; I was chagrined to find it recently, and gave myself 40 lashes with a wet noodle for briefly propagating the notion that they are peat-free.]


2 Responses to “Garden Prep Shopping, Take 2”

  1. concretegardening Says:

    Are you gardening on a plot that’s not yours? That’s so rad. I just bought a house without a garden, or a patio, or any “land” so to speak. I’m scoping out the city for a plot I can nurture. Keep posting. I want to know how it goes!

  2. Kate Says:

    I’m just lucky: my parents have a house across town with a lawn. In fall of ’06 I ripped up grass on a prime gardening spot on the South side of the house. So I’m pretty tame. But I have guerrilla-garden envy and small plans to carry out random acts of green this summer.

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