The Root

One gardener’s quest to get to the bottom of it all.

Planting Oriental Lilies March 24, 2008

lily_potting_small_1.jpg lily_potting_small_2.jpg lily_potting_small_3.jpg
Today I planted a Mount Duckling Oriental Lily. This is a big step for someone who only houses cyclamen and a primrose — small flowers that don’t need coddling. All I’ve read about lilies (in the past 24 hours) is that they require year-round care for 2 weeks of blooming. I’m not convinced it’s my kind of flora, but I am excited to try. Hell, this could be the start of an exotic garden in the condo.

The gift pack I got came with 3 bulbs, a watering-can container, and potting soil, including a coco peat pellet. It started out the size of a hearty pancake but, with the addition of a little agua, expanded to souffle proportions. Added to the soil, it made a rich, loamy mix. I’m learning to love dirt.

In go the bulbs, which sort of look like ducklings, and then they’re buried and set in “a warm (60-65 degrees), bright location out of direct sunlight.” A challenge to find this kind of real estate in the condo; I figure in front of the sliding door is best. According to the tag, I can expect to find sprouts within a month. I don’t know, will this tip me a little more towards growing flowers?


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