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Basil Sprout, Hours Old March 26, 2008

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Basil Sprouts

Here it is, the birth of a basil plant. Amazing how they grow so quickly. These have been sitting under the full-spectrum lamp every night (I’m sunning my sprouts in shifts now). I planted them on March 20 and, true to packet information, they broke ground just 5 days later.

I will be waiting on peppers for another week, at least. Did I start them too late? I’m hoping to improve on last year’s “dwarf” peps, which topped out at only two inches long.

In the background is my first crop of Romaine. I’m down to four plants, from an initial six. One failed to sprout well, another broke under my ministrations of tough love — I believe I squashed him while trying to drain out excess water.


One Response to “Basil Sprout, Hours Old”

  1. Natalie S. Says:

    Great picture! Thank you so much for posting it. I have just planted my first garden and am thrilled to see that everything we planted has now sprouted. I couldn’t remember what was what (definitely a novice), so it is great to see your photo. What I thought was basil is in fact basil. Thanks and good luck with your garden! =)

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