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Now Growing More Than Cinnamon Rolls April 2, 2008

Basil and Swiss Chard

Yeah, for a while there I felt like I was growing pastry, what with all the cinnamon and milk. But last night I planted some more seeds and, for now, the soil outweighs the spices and potions. I sowed more Romaine, which has been growing brilliantly, and some Rainbow Mix Swiss chard. Still a pretty small growing operation in here, because real estate is really at a premium. Nothing like gardening on a window sill.

A couple nights ago Neville noticed that my grow lamps, which are turned on 24-7 and located on said window sill, throw this huge block of creepy blue light onto the condo development’s front lawn. Schwoops! Essentially, it looked like a parking lot out there, or a scene from the “X-Files.” I rigged some blockades to the ugly blue glow and hope the neighbors approve.

The little tykes on the right of the photo are basil, now big enough to play in the real dirt. I goofed and filled up too many jiffy pots with my vermiculite/potting soil mix, so instead of just transplanting basil, I decided I might as well try sprouting seeds in the mix, instead of in pure vermiculite. We’ll see which works better for seed-starting; I’m flying by the seat of my pants, here.

Update on peppers: I have one lone sprout, 13 days after sowing. Since my seed packet only contained 20 seeds, I was miserly and only sowed four then. But at this rate, the whole packet will only yield five plants. Sheesh, what gives? I’m off to research how I can do better by these peps.


One Response to “Now Growing More Than Cinnamon Rolls”

  1. concretegardening Says:

    I love that shot!

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