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The Peppers I Gave Up On April 5, 2008

Two weeks after planting, another bell pepper seed germinated today. I guess it decided not to be coy anymore and join the sunshine party. The blurry pepper sprout on the left has a full week of growth on him. Again, I’m hit with the irony of starting seeds: Just when I think I’m not going to have any transplants, and plant another handful of seeds, the laggards start to show their stuff. So obviously they need a little peer pressure, a little Darwinian reminder that they’re forgettable, but now I could end up with several more peppers than I bargained or have space for. Last year I wouldn’t have thought twice about tossing a live but less-than-hardy plant in the garbage (did I mention Darwinian impulses?), but this year I’ve put so much time and care into these plants, there’s no way I’m trashing any. My plan is to just find family and friends or neighbors who want to raise edibles.

But see, there I go getting again, getting ahead of myself and just inviting irony into my life: I’m sure now that I’ve counted my proverbial eggs, I’ll have a wholesale pepper germination strike on my hands.

I’ve been concentrating on the indoor crowd, since it’s been rather disheartening to watch the snow fall outside in the last 24 hours, but soon I’ll post more about what I sowed outdoors this week. And how, I’m sure, the outdoors is foiling my efforts, too! Hey, I’m learning that there’s a lot of fun in mild chaos and imperfection.


One Response to “The Peppers I Gave Up On”

  1. Leslin Says:

    I heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the picture you posted of your germinated pepper seed. I have recently acquired a “green thumb” and for the first time ever have planted several seeds in cups, including bell peppers, tomato, strawberries, etc. The peppers were the first to be planted and this week I can finally see a little something poking out of the soil!! However I was worried that my lone ranger seed actually sprouted upside down or something! Thanks to the pic you have posted above, I guess my seed has sprouted the right way and seems to be doing fine… 🙂

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