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Garden Prep Shopping, Take 3 April 10, 2008

Yesterday my mom babysat Freya while Neville and I bought supplies to make Mel’s Mix. Yes, there is still snow here, enough to high-center a compact car on, in fact, which we did in the driveway at my folks’ house. Undeterred, Neville unloaded the more than 200 pounds of peat moss, vermiculite, potting soil, and compost. (I was sold cold on a bag of Vermont compost that contained Ben & Jerry’s remnants as an ingredient!)

I also bought a couple vine-plant spirals, propped up in the background in the last photo. These are supposed to be enough to support an entire plant without tying. I’ll try them out with the Black Krim tomato seeds I bought. Oh my God, talk about plant glamour: “Early, rich flavored old heirloom from the Crimean peninsula of Russia.”

Today Neville’s parents will bring us some decking composite planks that they have leftover, and we might just get to construct a raised bed this afternoon…


3 Responses to “Garden Prep Shopping, Take 3”

  1. Dee Says:

    I hope you got to that raised bed. Soon, green things will be sprouting all over. Welcome to Blotanical.~~Dee

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    OOOOh…I am going to be forcing my friend Jocelyn to work raised beds into my second plot on Sunday with me…I can’t WAIT! Black Krim are being raved about on You Grow Girl by the super knowledgeable tomato ladies. I’m thinking of looking for a few when I’m at the feed store tomorrow. Have you heard of milk on your tomatoes? I’m doing this to amazing results.

  3. KJ Says:

    I’ve had no success finding the components for Mel’s mix in the Uniontown, PA, area. Lowe’s has the peat moss, but I am unable to find the compost (until I can make my own) or the vermiculite in large amounts. Anyone in the area have any suggestions?

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