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Nice: Cable Box-Top Germination April 13, 2008

The second round of bell peppers is fast outstripping the first! Ten days of sitting on top of the warm cable box, in a covered plastic container, in vermiculite, and I have 75% germination. The box is quite warm, much warmer than the top of the fridge, so the vermiculite temperature is probably 75-80 degrees — again, warmer and moister than I kept the first batch, and obviously a happy growing medium.

I finally settled on a germination-shelf layout that maximizes artificial and available light and allows enough room for a tray, a fan, a watering can, and my “’08 sprout log.” I think I’ll leave the lights on during the day and turn the fan on at night.

It’s a modest set-up, and I’m only a titch apprehensive about how much it will bump up my electricity bill…

To-do today: transplant peps! Sow tomatillo seeds!


2 Responses to “Nice: Cable Box-Top Germination”

  1. aveggiegarden Says:

    Looking good. I love your windows! It must bring in so much light. Happy gardening.

  2. aou Says:

    That’s a smart way to put this waseted electricity to work!

    I recently measured my cable box power consumption and it’s 14 watts even while it’s idle! Totoals to about 1% of my electricity bill:

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