The Root

One gardener’s quest to get to the bottom of it all.

Huzzah! Sprouts in the Garden April 17, 2008

Spring has decided to crash mud season, and we’ve had days of downright balmy weather. I go to the plot today, stroller packed with seeds, and what do I first see? Radish and spinach sprouts, huzzah! Raised bed undisturbed, cozily battened down, huzzah!

I planted a quarter of the bed with Little Finger baby carrots and radishes. These are the first root crops I have ever grown and I’m not sure how to proceed from here. I’ve heard there’s an optimum time to pick carrots, both with respect to stage of growth and time of day, but will have to take better crib notes next time. Anyhow. That’s weeks away.

Indoors, the tomatillo seeds I got from a store-bought fruit sprouted, but I don’t think I buried them deeply enough, and they were throwing out long feeler roots above the surface. It was a little wild and unruly in there, guess they heard about spring, so I coaxed them under more vermiculite.

This photo about sums up the mood around here:


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