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State of the Sprouts, April 18th April 18, 2008

The Mount Duckling oriental lilies really shot up in the last week

Basil, Swiss chard, and the younger batch of romaine, indoors

Romaine, now five weeks old and in a refurbished window box

A lone black krim tomato (foreground) and bell pepper sprouts



2 Responses to “State of the Sprouts, April 18th”

  1. chey Says:

    Looking good! Things are growing well. Great shots of all those seedlings and young plants! I love the watering can planter that you have your oriental lilies in!

  2. Debra Says:

    Hi I found your site and it looks great. I germinated bell pepper sedds and now they look just like the pic of yours. When should I separate them? I planted them after germination into the dirt on the 3rd of this month. Alot of them died when I put them into the Texas sun for 4 hours. What do you know about sunlight? I also have pinto beans that are about 18 inches high. Please write me if you have any advice at all. Thanks Debra

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