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In-Kitchen Compost April 24, 2008

So I did it. I took the leap into composting. I’m keeping it in my kitchen! It’s been there for two days, covered in plastic wrap, of course, but upon unwrapping, it passed the smell test. I mean, it smells no worse than fresh garbage. According to expert sources, all that’s needed to lessen odor is a healthy dose of newspaper. The carbon offsets the stinky nitrogen and creates an airy nest. Witness coffee grounds piling up, without the offense. It feels like the Earth is already a better place.


2 Responses to “In-Kitchen Compost”

  1. Karen Says:

    I started composting late last summer. It looks like you’re using a coffee can? I’ll have to try the newspaper in there.

    I use a coffee can , I line it with plastic grocery bags (it helps me with less of a mess so to speak), and I fill the can with coffee grinds, eggshells etc. Maybe I should line it with newspaper? Hey that’s an idea.

  2. xcskimom Says:

    I would also recommend a small container of cider vinegar – it helps with the odor as well as acting as a trap for fruit flies. I had a MASSIVE fruit fly problem when I did a worm bin inside the house. Let us just say that my family members are all happy that all the compost goes outside now!

    XCSkimom is from Little Vermont Family Garden – just in case you didn’t recognize me!

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