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Where’s the Rain? And Transplanting Herbs. April 26, 2008

The stretch of rainless weather continues. Today’s overcast skies and breeze provided cool, but, ultimately, no downpour. Nothing but a quick drizzle. It’s been over two weeks since I last wielded an umbrella. I’m concerned the soil’s already too warm and dry for a good carrot crop, and carrot is one veg I was planning to turn into baby food. (Freya watches us eat constantly. As soon as she’s sitting up reliably — which I predict will be happening in a matter of weeks — we’re going to start her on rice cereal, then move on to vegetables. She’s in a race with the garden; they’re neck-and-neck.)

It was a good day to transplant some woody old herbs. This is the “after” shot. I wish I had taken a “before” photo, because the rosemary was on top of the lavender was on top of the trailing rosemary, all three plants straining out of a space the size of a milk carton. I’m hoping these three will do better in separate pots of terra cotta and galvanized metal, which will drain quickly and heat up nicely and just basically provide Mediterranean conditions on my deck. That trailing rosemary is hurting, though. I like to think I gave it a dormancy period?

To propagate the lavender, I’m trying my hand at layering. It’s silent violence! Strip some bottom branches of lower foliage, staple them to the soil with clips fashioned from mangled paper clips, and cover with earth. They should breed roots and be ready to transplant in, oh, a year? A dog’s age. I’m not a patient person by nature, so I find it most satisfying that gardening involves constant fits and starts. Sow these seeds while waiting to transplant others. Sunny day: pamper the plants; cloudy day: transplant them. Rainy day…not a problem, there’s been no rain.

Weird, though. I’m not one of those people who says, “What a mild November day — I love global warming!” I’m vigilant for signs of dire climate change, don’t dare enjoy them, and generally dislike people inviting the death of Earth into their lives. Much as I griped about snow this past winter, I loved that winter really came through, really showed us what it had, dire predictions notwithstanding. So this whole rainless April thing really gives me the willies. Watch, all I have to do is think about it too hard, and irony will triumph, and it will rain tomorrow, it will rain for days on end, and everything will be restored, and then I’ll fret about monsoon conditions. Kind of funny, kind of makes me neurotic, living in New England, looking for signs of restive weather, where restive weather is the norm.


4 Responses to “Where’s the Rain? And Transplanting Herbs.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    We too are facing a rainless April. I think it rained for a millisecond last night… We did not receive ANY snow this year. Nothing but flurries. I’m not a huge fan of the snow, but the whole thing felt really creepy. We had a ton of 35 degree and raining days though. I feel like it rained all winter, and now that Spring has hit, it has stopped. (Rain is forecast for tomorrow.)

    I just dug up our rosemary and potted it for the roof. (We have three days to be out of our old apartment. I’ve never had a ton of luck with potted herbs, so we’ll see what happens!) Yikes! Putting them in terra cotta seems like a good idea…

  2. zora naki Says:

    i think we got some of your rain over here – grey drizzle drizzle. your seedlings are outpacing mine – they look very cheery. i too am having problems sprouting black krim. is it too late to try again?

  3. Karen Says:

    You are having rainless weather, while here (Indiana) we are having too much rain. Last summer we had a drought where it did affect a lot of my plants. You never know about mother nature. šŸ™‚

  4. […] — Kate @ 8:26 pm Tags: deck garden, garden slug control, rainy days, small spaces gardening Having yearned for rain, I’m feeling pretty fine that it has rained for days on end, so much so that I want to revise […]

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