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Tomatoes on the Make April 27, 2008

So this evening I was feeling very uninspired. That’s the word I eventually put to it, what boiled down to just, you know, having the sneaking suspicion that I was fat and lethargic and had a messy kitchen. So then I checked in on monsieur Black Krim tomato and his wee set of true leaves. It’s a small victory that there are finally true leaves today; it had stalled after producing seed leaves and I wasn’t sure if it was going to do anything at all. This had been particularly disheartening because it was the only Black Krim that germinated. Anyway, today I mixed some more dried milk into the soil, having tenderly scraped off the thin fuzz of mold left by the previous dosage of milk, and generally feel like he’s finally on the up-and-up.

Then I took an invasive gander at the second batch of Black Krim seeds I started 10 days ago and, lo and behold, just beneath the soil, there’s that first pale stem of growth. Another tomato on the make! I love growing. It’s in there:


5 Responses to “Tomatoes on the Make”

  1. EtherMaiden Says:

    I grew black krims last year, sorta. They didn’t do too well for me. Slow to grow, didn’t produce much at all (I think I got five total fruit from the darned plant). I’d like to try them again, but I’m trying a different black/purple tomato this year. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe the dark ones just aren’t made for me, despite my love of all things black.

  2. Heather Says:

    Hey Girl, this is Heather from Grow It Eat It. Just got your comment on the wedding invitations, what a nice thing to read Monday morning! When you and your sweetie go for it, email me and I will convince you that you can Gocco your invites too – it’s soooooooooo fun. Great blog, I will be back regularly! – Heather

  3. merlotmudpies Says:

    “It’s in there…” Oh my how this made me grin from ear to ear. Indeed it is! My husband said to me yesterday, “fawning over the seedlings again?…” and indeed I was, huddled over them marveling that THAT came out of THAT…marvelous! Miraculous! I’m sure you know from YGG that lots of the ladies, especially the mythical Sorellina adore black krim. I hope he does well for you…I have no blacks in my assortment this year but think I’ll give them a try next year. Unless I can find a seedling already started at the feed store, come to think of it…maybe I’ll give it a shot this season?

    OH WHO AM I KIDDING?? I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with already in my plot! Next year. Yeah. Next year….

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