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Pots from Papers (Not the NY Times) April 29, 2008

Is this something all thrifty gardeners try one year, and then never again? Well, here’s another tyro giving it a go, after happening upon this post on newspaper origami from the resourceful Self-Reliant Yuppies. A warning: It doesn’t work with the New York Times because the ratio of this rag is all off. Thanks to Nev for noticing this and saving me further frustration — here’s a side-by-side comparison of a workable pot, made from our local paper, and his sad step-sister, made from the Times:

So! Several of the good pots house my growing basil seedlings now. The container that Nev made is a thing of perfection (like he said, “I think it’s so beautiful, you should fill it with dirt and stuff it in the ground!”) I don’t think the newspaper’s going to stand up long to repeated waterings — hence my hunch that I might not make a habit of making them — but they only have to function for a couple weeks before I shove ’em in the soil wholesale.

As I write this, Freya is grunting again, as she has been for much of the past 24 hours. She goes through phases where she’s completely enamored of a certain sound. Too bad this one is like an eastern-European tennis player on a challenging serve. How can she be so feisty and sweet at the same time?


5 Responses to “Pots from Papers (Not the NY Times)”

  1. Barbee' Says:

    Oh, what an adorable helper you have. Exerting her own personality, I think. Bright baby. Hugs from this old grandma! Oh, the lesson about the paper pots was good, too. 🙂

  2. Mrs Be Says:

    Are you sure you’re not my long lost twin sister? 😉

    I thought I was reading about me in the post about feeling fat and lethargic with a messy kitchen.

    And now this post. I was thinking about making those Japanese pots and here you are……..! Have you tried the insides of loo rolls? You probably have so I’ll say no more.

    Oh, I love your baby’s dimples on her hand!

  3. merlotmudpies Says:

    I, too, was about to mention certain fat wrinkles and dimples on said adorable baby. Oh my!

    Also, Gillian over at Hit Pay Dirt has used paper pots that she made out of newspaper with a Magic Pot Maker and she’s loving them. Her only complaint is that the ink she used to mark her pots is so faded she can’t always remember what’s in them now that she’s watered a few times. I asked it perhaps a little label to write on might resolve that problem. Hope this helps!

  4. What a great idea and what a darling kid. i love the grunts. They crack me up.

  5. […] @ 4:24 pm Tags: care for seedlings, how not to use lasagna, newspaper pots I am really liking these newspaper pots. My basil has been housed in them for a month and I can say with confidence that they are sturdy […]

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