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Greeting Frost with a Frothy Mug April 30, 2008

Having seen a freak snow flurry today, I’m not surprised that it’s supposed to get down into the 20’s tonight. My plants might be, though. So I bedded them down. My cold frame consists of a coupla’ windows propped against the raised bed. It shelters a coupla’ feet, tops. The lettuce will be safe! The radishes and carrots — not so much. I guess I just figured the plants with the most greenery will need the most protection. But I think they’ll all fare well, cold frame or no. They’re spring crops, right?

Don’t know about the herbs on my deck, though. I’m faced with a choice: I can either haul the pots indoors, or cover them outdoors. So I bundled them in a sheet, with the thought that, hey, if I don’t test stuff out, I’ll never learn. If I hauled them inside, they’d be healthy for sure in the morning, but then, would I just keep carting them around for the rest of their lives? Preferably not. If the trailing rosemary doesn’t survive with the sweater I gave it, then just maybe I’m better off without it, up here in the chilly North. I signed up to grow food, not baby it. I have a wunderbaby and she’s getting all that love. (This theory might last me until I get an apricot tree, which I’ve heard you can grow in Zone 4, you can actually have a gulldarn fruiting fruit tree up here!)

For tonight, anyway, I’m resolved to let sleeping dogs lie, and assisted in this by the great imported German beer Neville and I indulged in while we fired up the grill. Unfiltered goodness.


One Response to “Greeting Frost with a Frothy Mug”

  1. merlotmudpies Says:

    mmmm. beer.

    if you can get Great White out of Eureka, CA where you are, btw, I highly recommend it. A friend of mine who audited some seminary classes with me about a decade ago used to brew his own wheat beer and he would add orange peel to the mix while making it. This is very different from adding orange to, say, a good Heffawiezen (sp?) right before you drink it. Anyway, Great White is extremely reminiscent of the flavor of John’s home brew all those years ago. Unusual, fragrant, and I really like it. A great one for when the weather heats up.

    Hope your green babies are okay!

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