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Soil, Water, and Sun May 5, 2008

Ahh, a day of sun and renewed vigor. I checked on the plants at the plot, which are doing no worse after the frost, although growth still seems slow. Maybe all they need after the rain is a couple days of sun in order to really take off. Back home, I finally potted up the tomatilloes and chard that had just eaten themselves out of house and home. And that was it for the potting soil. (It carried me through the winter, and all spring, so far, and without diseases…am I lucky? Jinxing myself? Anyway, score one for thrift.) The wonderful scene on the deck this afternoon:

And with that, I’m also out of room for every one under lights on the windowsill. New plan: keep them inside in the morning, then bring them to the deck each afternoon, so that every one gets some hours of strong sun. Here’s really, really hoping I don’t neglect to water them out there about once an hour. Sheesh.

Worries aside! The fresh air was so good today. This evening I took a long walk through the woods and along the river with my girl. Soil, water, and sun for us all. For the first time, she touched bark and leaves.


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