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State of the Sprouts, May 9th, 2008 May 9, 2008

We ate our first “salad” of romaine and basil fresh from the deck. Wow, it tasted so good, just because I knew it when, when it was nothing but a pack of itty grains, way back in March. I’m a fan of “Last Restaurant Standing” on BBC America, where this week they showed the “kitchen garden” at Raymond Blanc’s country restaurant: acres of greens, potatoes, and who knows what other delicacies. Fresh, never-been-refrigerated goodness. This shot is of the produce from my miniature kitchen garden…

The Red Sails lettuce that I scattered around the romaine has been popping up, all freckly. It looks unhealthy and rashy, to my untrained eyes. But, hey, this girl knows freckles, so I should be squarely in the corner of freckled sprouts…

The Jack-O’-Lantern pumpkin has arrived. Having decided that it would be threatened if guerrilla-planted by the CVS store, it’s destined for the bottom of the yard at my folks’ house, instead. Lord knows, then it will be at the mercy of the woodchucks and the deer and the slugs…

And with that, I’m off to buy some copper slug and snail tape — an ingenious-sounding repellent, a roll of adhesive copper, sold with the lore that slugs and snails do not cross copper. Who knew.


5 Responses to “State of the Sprouts, May 9th, 2008”

  1. cake Says:

    i know how you feel. it is really exciting to enjoy something you have nurtured from seed. we are about to have our first greens from the garden (and salad boxes) tonight with dinner.

    i just found your blog. i will be visiting often.

  2. sjones71 Says:

    Delicious! We just ate our first garden salad. Mesclun mix. Peppery. Sweet. Fresh. Very, very nice.

  3. Margot Says:

    Oh I can’t wait for my first salad! Maybe for mother’s day I’ll pick some of my first greens.

  4. epbush Says:

    I have to recommend to you “the Apartment Farmer” by Duane Newcomb. I’m container gardening on my deck, and I love this book. I love eating the foods I grow. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks I am nuts, but have you seen the price of produce these days?

  5. Debra Says:

    Im growing bell pepper from seeds they are a month old so far. I had alot now I have about 14 plants left because the sun here was so hot it killed alot of them 😦 I also have planted pinto beans and they are about 18 inches high. How much sun do these 2 plants need? Oh and also. I mixed the seeds of red, orange and yellow bell peppers and dont know who is who. Do yall think it will be a problem? Debra

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