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I Can Do Pretty May 19, 2008

Nothing dresses up a garden like apple blossoms. Befitting that today turned into plot-beautification day. Before this evening, I hadn’t been there for days, what with solving computer woes, going to appointments with Freya, and visiting folks. When I last left it, it was growing green very well, but quite honestly looking pretty gnarly, thanks to what I had rigged up as a pea trellis:

I don’t know — it’ll look a lot better when covered with peas. Look at those peas! It stood up to some serious wind, though, so I didn’t disassemble it, just beautified around it. My mom had stowed some plants that had to be uprooted on the compost heap, so I found places for them along the edge of the plot:

I am fairly sure one is hosta, which, at this point, is the shortest of the bunch but, in placing it, I think I might have underestimated it. If it’s the type I think it is, it can grow six inches a day and eat men for breakfast. It will then need more room.

I sowed a lot more Swiss chard. (This weekend, I cut and ate some that I have growing on the balcony and have since become really thrilled about it: it’s everything that spinach is, and more! And have you seen the stuff they sell in grocery stores? Nothing like the gorgeous stuff you can grow in a box at home.) I left the plot with another bunch of romaine…but, to be honest, what I ate on the way home was Hershey’s miniatures…


3 Responses to “I Can Do Pretty”

  1. merlotmudpies Says:

    thank you so much for making me feel so much better about the bag of famous amos cookies i scarfed while reading your post just now…

  2. Heather Says:

    Giggle… You get 900 points in my book for the snack confession!! Who the heck sneaks leafy greens on the way home from the grocery store anyway? People that should not be trusted, that’s who…

  3. cake Says:

    i like your pea trellis, and i love the way the pink petals on the ground reflect in the copper strips.

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