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Abbr. State of the Sprouts, May 25th, 2008 May 25, 2008

We have a new varsity basketball team: the tomatilloes are gigantic. I sincerely hope they fruit, because they’re going to take up a lot of real estate. Please, somebody tell me now if store-bought tomatilloes — particularly those bought at Price Chopper — are hybrids that will not fruit. Somebody dash my hopes now before I give these plants the penthouse suite. All would not be wasted — I would compost them, or set them up as a sacrifice crop…

On a happier note, it’s Memorial Day weekend and last frost dates are fast approaching. Soon I’ll set these out in the weather for keeps: Swiss chard, pumpkin, Black Krim tomatoes, and sweet peppers. I’ve essentially been “hardening off” for a month or so, ever since I ran out of room under artificial lights and chased everybody out onto the balcony. But, after they’ve sunned every day, I dutifully haul them in every evening, for fear of a killing frost (there was a hearty one just last night). Soon, those chores will be done. I expect we’ll forgo the raised-bed-on-wheels in favor of large containers in the driveway. Or maybe use the containers as a stop-gap until we actually do construct the biggest, most bad-assed “raw meal on wheels” anyone has ever seen.

And then, just when I think I’m an urban gardener, just when I think I can sneak into that crowd…tonight I heard a beaver slapping the water just down the ridge from the condo. I know it’s a beaver at work — I’ve seen the stumps of small trees that he has gnawed down, right by the river. He must go at them like he’s sharpening a pencil. I love this place.


One Response to “Abbr. State of the Sprouts, May 25th, 2008”

  1. zora naki Says:

    it looks like you’re under siege by seedlings! your diligence is to be commended…

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