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Woodland Foodie: 7, Kate: 4 May 27, 2008

So. You win some, you lose some. Yesterday I lost a couple romaine and pea plants to something like a groundhog. That’s my best guess — some woodland foodie hit the back of the raised bed, the side closest to the house, leading me to believe he just zipped under the bushes at the corner. That’s a clue, as is the large pile of dirt abutting the front porch: We think something has dug a home there.

It’s the first major green casualty of the year, and probably the last. You can have my lettuce, bucktooth, but you’ll never get my vine crops. I’ve recovered and am plotting strategic moves; I’m building fences. And I know someone with a trap, a trap that’s seen use, a trap that she baits with peanut butter and apples. Am simply working up the courage to borrow it.

In my tally:

Yesterday I harvested three radishes. On a normal day, I don’t particularly like radishes, but I tried one, and it was a capitalized RADISH, a Rather Amazing Delicacy I Sowed and Harvested. Wondrous because I made it happen.

I’m also feeling pretty optimistic about my tomatilloes today. I think I think I think I see fruit:


2 Responses to “Woodland Foodie: 7, Kate: 4”

  1. love the radish acronym. perfect.

  2. Heather Says:

    Oh my goodness, those little baby tomatillos are soooooooo cute! Yum!

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