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Thar Be Treasures… June 1, 2008

…Or, How To Reuse an Old Dog Crate. There is some damn useful stuff in that basement. Damn good for protecting new transplants from predators:

The tomates (tomatoes, tomatilloes) are all in. I am thrilled. Today while doing something mundane like ironing I said aloud, “I’m so excited that my plants are out there growing!” Ultimately, the plan is to fashion trellises from another treasure I found in the cellar:

Wow. A damaged Japanese screen that I have ripped clean and unhinged. I have big plans for these: they will serve as trellises in the summer and then, when I screw them back together again, they’ll become cold frames in the spring. (If you’re reading this brother, thank you.) Wow, I fucking love re-purposing stuff.


5 Responses to “Thar Be Treasures…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Great ideas!!

  2. merlotmudpies Says:

    ooooh, i am inspired! how great is this stuff? you know, there is this little area of thrift shops i keep meaning to hit and i’m so there as soon as i’ve got a few dollars to spare. i’m also going to hit my dad’s garage (we don’t have a cellar or storage or anything like that) because i’m positive i’ll find stuff there that he’s going to be THRILLED to be rid of…

  3. Love it! That screen will be perfect for a trellis and cold frame. Nice work! And, yes, go Obama. But Hillary’s speech was damn good…exciting stuff.

  4. […] I also did in the vineplot was pound and drill the salvaged screen into place. Damn, if it doesn’t look kooky and […]

  5. Katelyn Says:

    I have the same kind of trellis for my vines in my backyard. An old roommate left one of those japanese folding screens behind, and I just got permission to use it at my own will…which is, of course, for gardening! Thanks for faving me over at, love your blog!

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