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In Which I Decide I’m Slow and Changing June 3, 2008

The most important thing Freya has taught me so far is how satisfying a minute can be when I really pay attention.  The flip side: realizing how easily I am distracted from the moment, and how distinct each of these times is from the other. I have begun recognizing certain moments as “Freya Devotionals.” They occur at random, but reliably, on the hour. Like sinking into a bed of warm straw, but much more brief. Pretty much perfectly indescribable.

So, yeah, at a time when the simplest things have become most important, it comes to pass that I love growing slow food. Every vegetable I put in my mouth these days, I pay more attention to its taste and whether or not I would like to have a row or a square foot of it growing nearby. Exciting to eat that way. And maybe it’s some semblance of how Freya eats.

It is high spring here and we have been spending hours with plants. The condo is in shambles, there are friends I really do want to catch up with (TC! Ana! Hello!), but all I can do is Freya and flora. I think I’ve reached a pivotal point, where hobby becomes passion: While enjoying this one to the utmost, I have already started planning for next year’s garden. All of what I’m growing now, plus strawberries, edamame, many many salad greens, and more varieties of tomato. Heirloom, all of it, if possible? I foresee a winter of seed catalogs.

And I think I’m at a pivotal point in baby-raising, too, where dirt moves from foe to friend. Recently someone wise reminded me that we all eat a peck of dirt in our lifetime. A month ago, that adage seemed downright objectionable; but now, having been with Freya outdoors for much of the past several days, I’m really getting used to the idea. Even downright liking it. Don’t know if she’ll be an outdoors kind of person, but I’ve decided she’ll have a good chance at it, living with me.

And, can’t help it, have to end with: Yes, Barack!!!!!


4 Responses to “In Which I Decide I’m Slow and Changing”

  1. So true about how satisfying a minute can be. These days when I am multi-tasking like a mo fo I forget to pay attention. In fact, I am nursing while typing with one hand right now!

  2. And, when is Freya’s birthday? Are our kiddos like the same age? Margot was born Dec 18. Freya has so much hair compared to my little bald bug!

  3. cake Says:

    this is a such a nice post. i relate.
    and, i just impulsively planted a bunch of edamame!

  4. concretegardening Says:

    YEAH OBAMA!!! I’m almost giddy, huh?

    I’m wondering how I can take my passion for gardening, and move forward without starting a farm. I don’t think I want to farm on a massive scale, but I’m never happier than when I’m digging in the dirt. I understand where you’re coming from. Our CSA started last week and I’m thrilled at the thought of cooking with fennel or making marjoram pesto. It’s rather ridiculous.

    I too forget to live in the moment sometimes. Time is all we have!

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