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Live Action Slug vs Copper June 13, 2008

So there it was in the garden yesterday — a slug, but also a guinea pig for my copper tape repellent. I can’t say I was amazed with the results. Amazing would have been the slug curling up and rolling off, crying, “Los! Schnell!!” In fact, I was concerned he was treating the tape like the Autobahn. Not the schnell I was going for. However, in the end, it did turn off at the first exit, and it stayed off.

Maybe this tape is worth it. I reserve ultimate judgment until high slug season…more to come…


4 Responses to “Live Action Slug vs Copper”

  1. cake Says:

    that video is worth all of it!
    cracked me up.

  2. I totally love that video. Thanks. Here’s to hoping your slugs always head down instead of up.

  3. […] In the past month I have pinched off dozens of flea beetles, sprayed dead a slew of whiteflies, and subjected a slug to some unpleasantries. I found myself cheering on a wolf spider that I saw skulking around one of the plots. Go, eat […]

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