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Brandywines! And heavy on the updates June 16, 2008

I lucked into six Brandywine ‘mato starts from my neighbor Susan. What a windfall! I’m so excited. It has taken me several days to transplant all of them, mostly working at night, frequently in the rain, enjoying getting really dirty (good therapy, almost as good as watching Freya schmeer herself with food). I think I have saved them all, but I’m not sure if they’re all big enough to produce in our short season. The last and smallest to go in was one I did last night and am keeping on the balcony. Hey, junior!

I weeded my arse off in my Firstplot. You know the drill: Before, After:

The PEAS are COMING BACK after being decimated. They have even survived me moving them around in the name of prettification. I might have peas this year, after all; not enough for Freya to eat, really, but all I want is to taste one. In the plot now: Peas (Progress and Snap Daddy), Brandywines, basil, sad Romaine, dill, bell peppers, carrots.

I’m turning against the grid. That twine is just ugly, and I really enjoy planting more free-form. Dude! Eventually it will be a thing of wild beauty. More like Vineplot. Speaking of. High drama there. From one day to the next, whitefly infestation. I got quick and I got lucky: First, target practice with a spray bottle of water; then I doused the plants with soapy water; then, that night, it rained, washing away potentially damaging soap residue. Today I say it’s a full success…let’s hope it stays that way. Whiteflies a real prob hereabouts. I have read that nasturtiums deter ’em?

Also, the tomatillos are fruiting, zucchinis are up, and there’s a carpet of lettuces and basil popping up everywhere. It’s all so vibrant and satisfying.


3 Responses to “Brandywines! And heavy on the updates”

  1. sjones71 Says:

    Delicious Brandywines! I’ve got about 5 of em going in my garden and 3 look quite good.. 2 look.. well not so good. They really are the best tasting tomato around.

  2. […] ago, something evil hit them — I hope it’s just a little collateral damage from the soapy whitefly scrimmage; however, it might be a case of blight. Fungus. And with that, “It’s go time.” […]

  3. […] ones there are to scrimmage against. In the past month I have pinched off dozens of flea beetles, sprayed dead a slew of whiteflies, and subjected a slug to some unpleasantries. I found myself cheering on a wolf spider that I saw […]

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