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Regeneration, Creeping Evil June 20, 2008

The peas have staged a full-on comeback and are now blooming. I can’t believe these things survived, let alone have the gumption to flower and, possibly, fruit. I believe in regeneration now.

…Which is why I’m very carefully tending the tomatoes in Vineplot. They have begun flowering, too, but then, several days ago, something evil hit them — I hope it’s just a little collateral damage from the soapy whitefly scrimmage; however, it might be a case of blight. Fungus. And with that, “It’s go time.” I’m serious. I hopped to it. I’ve let cases of indigestion go longer. In the last three days I have:

  • Doused them with milky water, twice.
  • Tracked down comfrey to brew them a nutritious batch of comfrey tea. (It took a couple hours and three locations, but I now have a comfrey plant and a jar of its leaves soaking.)
  • Watered my Brandywines (which are in a separate plot) with a prophylactic dose of chamomile.
  • Basically taken an impromptu course in Organic Soil Improvement Methods.

Gayla Trail tells me, in that book she wrote for me (You Grow Girl), that milk is an antifungal wonder-juice for tomatoes, chamomile is a good fungus preventative, and comfrey tea is like Carnation Instant Breakfast for vegetable plants: a pack of minerals.

Cripes, it had all better work. Those tomato plants hold a lot of my time and effort and I want those heirloom fruits. At the risk of spoiling that soil for next year, I don’t have the heart to pull them up. I want them saved. I hope it’s possible?

Then, walking home yesterday evening, I came upon the largest spider that I have ever seen outside of a zoo. In this picture, it is a tad smaller than life-size.

I thought it might be an escaped tarantula. Called Neville outside to snap photos of it and came to discover it’s a native “fisher spider.” Lives on lakes, streams, or rivers, like the one just down the ridge. Walks on water. Walks on water. I believe in biological miracles. Come on, tomatoes.


3 Responses to “Regeneration, Creeping Evil”

  1. Holy shit I came to your blog and quickly scrolled down and gasped at that guy. Definitely a guy. Dang. For blight: you may know this….it is transfered from veggie to veggie plant by standing or splashing water. So, soaker hose, sister. If its not too late and I don’t know why but I have a feeling it isn’t too late.

    I used to manage 3500 organic tomatoes on a farm…send me a pic and I can diagnose, if it’d please you. nicirae at g mail dot com.

    Holy shit, that spider. My husband would lose it.

  2. zora naki Says:

    i would have run away screaming. you are much braver than me.

    i’ve tagged you if you’re interested:

  3. Daphne Gould Says:

    I’m shocked that my peas have recovered too. After 4 days in the 90s they should be dead.

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