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Roamed Far, Returned Home, Stronger Now. June 30, 2008

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It’s all in the title: the story of me. Merlot told her story and then asked me to tell mine, so I came up with the most loaded sentence I have ever written. Packed! I found it very satisfying to condense everything down to the essential. Makes me wonder what every person I know would come up with. So…

I’m totally breaking the rules. Partly a matter of necessity — I’m slow on the uptake and pretty sure every blogger I read has already done this, or already means to do this — but it’s mostly because I really want to read what some of my oldest and most creatively employed friends will write. This is just the kind of exercise that will reveal delightful things about them. Problem is, almost none of them write public blogs (or do they? If you do, then you’re craftier’n I thought, that’s awesome, and please link to it below!). So I’ve asked them to leave their bios in the comments.

The upshot is, this tag dead-ends here. But I know it will still be fascinating to all involved because my friends and lover are fascinating.

Here’s one that relates specifically to why I began gardening (I swear, this haiku-esque structure makes everything profound):

Needed roots, made some, still growing.

Now I want to hear one (or more) from:

  • Tracy (unfair, I know, because you’ll be traveling for the next like six weeks, but I say, better late than never)
  • Nev
  • Ana
  • Nick
  • Claudia
  • Katie

…Please leave your wisdom in a comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


2 Responses to “Roamed Far, Returned Home, Stronger Now.”

  1. merlotmudpies Says:

    I love them both. Fantastic. This seems like so much fluff at first but then, when you really begin to ponder what you have to say, it gets quite deep.

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