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Beautiful Mutations July 7, 2008

My garden was in a holding pattern. Every day, for weeks: More leaves. More leaves. More leaves. Some flowers. No fruit. But, as of today, there are several tiny, perfect Black Krim tomatoes. And one very overgrown, mutant Black Krim tomato. Behold:

Thing looks like a caterpillar I would run from. Judging by the number of leaves (petals?), it resulted from three tomato buds that melted into one muscular ‘mato. How does that happen?! Will it ripen, be edible?

Here’s another question. I feel like “Highlights for Children.” Can you spot the spider in this photo?

I will never, ever feel warm and fuzzy about spiders, no matter how much good they do. Life is unfair for them that way. This one was no larger than my thumbnail, and a gorgeous lemon color with scarlet stripes but, damn, doesn’t it just look like a spooky little alien on the attack? Found out it’s a Goldenrod crab spider, which changes color to match its surroundings, from yellow-and-red to white. Damn, that’s good.

The last wondrous mutation of the day was one I happily ate. Yeah, I dug up a Little Finger carrot. I don’t know if it was mature — I’ve never grown carrots before — but it tasted pretty good. And very crisp. I hope I grow a couple more.


3 Responses to “Beautiful Mutations”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Wow. That’s the worst case of consuming too much beta-carotene that I’ve ever seen. Normally it’s just your skin that goes weird – but a whole finger! Awesome.

  2. Heh, good one Stuart. 🙂 Great pictures by the way and I really enjoyed your commentary Kate, felt like I was really there. (jk) Please continue as I enjoy gardening stories too.

    All the best,

  3. Amy Says:

    That is one freaky tomato, keep blogging about that one so we can watch it grow too!

    I hate spiders but force myself to let the random one live, knowing they kill others bad bugs. But still, eeeeeek!

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