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Mutant Tomato Update July 23, 2008

We calls him The Grinch:

It’s at least three tomatoes fused, with leaves fringing out from the center and the sides. A hairy, mutant Black Krim that will scare the kids at Christmas. Truly a tomato worthy of that “Play with Your Food” line of books that was popular several years ago. Will we cut it open and find four hearts, or one massive seed pit? What will it spawn when I plant its seeds?

The weather has been humid and rainy for days — weeks — and, all of a sudden like, the zucchini plants popped out scads of flowers. At least one is a female flower with a zuke developing behind it. And the green pumpkin is the size of a ping-pong ball.

Last winter I made some noise about guerrilla planting a pumpkin or two on the property line — land that is probably rightfully CVS’s. Haven’t done it yet, in part because, after numerous nighttime diaper runs, the CVS ladies know me and Freya and Neville on sight. I feel like I would be betraying some shallow but persistent cashier-customer bond of trust. Plus, my parents read this blog. However. There is also the matter of keeping my word, and some needy pumpkin plants that aren’t getting enough sun. I had success transplanting a zuke. Might try a pumpkin, an illicit, city pumpkin…should act while parents out of town…how old am I again?


4 Responses to “Mutant Tomato Update”

  1. Anna Says:

    That is a very strange way those three tomatoes grew together. Looks like you are going to have lots of fresh veges for awhile. Me too. I have over 200 tomatoes ready to ripen.

  2. concretegardening Says:

    So jealous of your zukes – you don’t even know. Thankfully our CSA is kicking them out at an alarming rate, so I think zuke bread is on the menu for this weekend! Do it! Garden at CVS!

  3. osmojoe Says:

    What an amazing and strange tomato…I love the name you gave it!


  4. Amy Says:

    I’m impressed, we have a dozen or so mutant siamese twin beefsteaks, but no triples!

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