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Pumpkin Patch on a Stick and an Altered Tomato August 2, 2008

So, when I rigged it up, I thought the dog crate around the pumpkin patch would just be a temporary fix; I just needed to protect seedlings from The Voracious Marauders. But I never removed it, and now the dog crate is the pumpkin patch. Actually a very good thing: There’s a lot more space to grow upwards than there is to grow outwards. A couple days ago I started wrapping the longest vine around the base, like as if the whole contraption were a ball of string. I like that.

Soon I’ll fashion a sort of hammock for the pumpkin to rest in. It’s a Jack O’ Lantern, so I assume it’s going to be a honker that could break right off at the stem if I don’t take care of it (actually, I didn’t assume any of this, since I have this dopey optimism about the garden — pretty much like Kevin Costner building the baseball diamond — but concerned relatives are truly worried about my pumpkin, so I’m going to take action). Come to think of it, I’ll need to rig up some sort of counter-weight to the pumpkin as it matures, so it won’t take a faceplant into the dirt and drag everything else along with it.

Green, green, green in the garden. Very monochrome. Positively dull. Yeah, I know, I’m asking for it. But, really, now I know why people grow flowers. Everything but black-eyed susans used to leave me cold, but I’m beginning to realize that a lot of flowers have really got something good going on. Anyway, until next year’s garden, I have Photoshop. When I squint my eyes, it almost looks real.


4 Responses to “Pumpkin Patch on a Stick and an Altered Tomato”

  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    That pumpkin trellis is brilliant! We have potted and trellised just about everything else but never a pumpkin. Next year though… hehehehe… thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Ingrid Says:

    I was already thinking along similar lines for next year’s garden since my cucumbers seem happy climbing up a pole. I started pumpkins from seed and since they looked so sickly planted them a little close together, assuming that most of them would not make it. But we all know about best laid plans, right? Now, just about half my garden is taken over by pumpkins, I can’t even get in there to check on what might be developing under all that green. Almost scary. So – next year they will grow towards the sky if I have to tie them 😉
    Therefore I am anxiously awaiting your report on what happens when that pumpkin gets heavier on the trellis. But somehow I can already picture it with eyes, a mouth, a candle shining through, and bowls of delicious pumpkin soup on your table. Happy gardening!

  3. cake Says:

    i am so jealous of your pumpkin. we a plant that is growing like crazy in our compost bin, and it has wondered out, and looks similar to yours climbing around the wire bin. there are a million blossoms on it, but none have resulted in a pumpkin yet. we had one, but then it fell off.

  4. hmmmm. Where are you? Hope all is OK.

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