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Freya! December 9, 2008

Filed under: Meta,Winter — Kate @ 12:51 pm

Some of you have been banging pots and pans for a photo of what I’ve really been growing, so here she is, this big girl of mine. She turned one year old on November 13th…and decided to start walking last night…!!!





2 Responses to “Freya!”

  1. What a little angel! I have 4 boys and just one precious little girl…they are soooo very sweet!

  2. Rosemary Menday Says:

    Hi Kate,
    Freya is as gorgeous as ever. She is growing up beautifully .We get updates from her proud grandfather who sent us the link for a Freya video but we were unable to open it so I thought I’d check out your blog again. Good luck with the salads. Our garden is extremely dry and burnt with the heat but last night we got some much needed rain. Love Rosemary & Elton

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