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Growing Again December 16, 2008

Playing with dirt

Almost eating dirt

This weekend I pulled out the dirt and the seeds and I started some lettuce, arugula, chard, spinach. It was very rewarding to have a tiny helper who was all too willing to get her hands dirty with the project. And it was wonderful to smell soil again.

It’s the heart of winter — cold blue outdoors until 7:30 am, on overcast days, and this town just shook off an ice storm that slicked every last twig and lasted for days.

But we might just (knocking on wood, not counting any chickens) have homegrown salad soon. I have had the urge for several weeks to grow greens right here at home — maybe on the balcony in some elaborate miniature hothouse contraption, maybe under the dreaded, sap- and soul-sucking fake lights…or maybe, as it turns out, on the living room windowsill. That might do just fine.

Midwinter lettuce sprouts

Sprinting to the head of the class is some red leaf lettuce, which sprouted in three days and earned a place on said windowsill. This is pretty exciting stuff. The arugula and chard are sending up spindly shoots, over on a top shelf of the media center.

This is all it takes. I am already imagining a pea plant on the windowsill, sending tendrils all the way up to the curtain rod. Freya and I will eat snap peas for breakfast. I will just keep trying until it works, until some vegetable grows green enough to eat. Dude. Nothing like optimism on a sub-freezing day.


5 Responses to “Growing Again”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Love it! Have you had success?


  2. Kate Says:

    Some! The lettuce is doing fairly well. (Not so much the spinach or chard.)
    Most of the green action is happening in the countertop hydroponic system I got for my birthday. That’s fun — growing basil, chives, mint, and more, at five times natural speed. It’s the breadmaker of gardening, yo! πŸ˜€

  3. nigeysex Says:

    Hi the root,
    Glad to see some sowing going on – I’ve not done anything growing wise for months and months, but back on board now as we bought seed potatoes today!! yahhay for the new season (though it’s just started snowing today….)

    Look forward to a Feb update from you soon?


  4. cake Says:

    you’re gonna love having those little hands helping you garden. what a cutie! she is almost exactly 2 years younger than my son cosmo.

  5. Madeline Says:

    Those little hands are darling! I just love those photos so much. Lucky you to have a little helper beside you πŸ™‚ And to have had your lettuce sprout in 3 days!

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