The Root

One gardener’s quest to get to the bottom of it all.

About July 27, 2006

I live in New Hampshire with my fiance and daughter, in a one-level “condo” that’s really an apartment, where I grow something on every windowsill. In the summer I tend a tiny plot across town.

2007’s vigorous crops of calendula and Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes made up for the sadly thwarted attempts at peppers, arugula, and a pumpkin. What will the 2008 harvests hold?

In addition to nurturing my greenhorn greenthumb, I work on design projects here and there. I would like to go back to school for graphic design.

A little more background: I went to college in Chicago, lived in Germany for three years, and returned to New Hampshire, just a couple minutes from where I was born, in 2006.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. xcskimom Says:

    Where in NH? We lived in Londonderry (in a condo, too!) for a few years before we moved back here to VT…now off to comment on your kitchen compost, if I can figure out how!

  2. zora naki Says:

    How did your summer growing pan out? I wanted to hear the fate of the pumpkin patch…

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