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My Alter-Ego February 25, 2009

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This is where I out myself as a (hopeful) gardening profiteer, and also reveal where most of my energy has been focussed this winter (when not on my fam, cheesy ghost-hunting TV shows, and translating work). A couple months ago I started and have since patched together a bunch of WordPress plugins, learned some PHP and SEO the hard way, and have generally been working zealously and planning feverishly whenever Freya sleeps.

The idea behind the site is that anyone can grow their own salad, almost year-round, even if a shameless penny-pincher and already-cluttered-home dweller like me, thereby treating themselves to much tastier and healthier produce, and quite possibly doing Mother Earth a good turn, too. And then there’s the very attractive prospect of including a small virtual store-front on the site and earning money with my favorite past-time. Who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s a dream job. So, that’s the idea, but the site is still nascent, needs a lot more work, and some sort of community aspect, which a forum might fulfill, but then again, maybe not. In the meantime, it’s mainly an informational blog in which I learn while writing and doing — much like The Root, but with the underlying motive of $$ (and, dare I say it, a little bit of homegrown world-changing?).

I hope to keep up The Root as my personal gardening blog, because, hot damn, I still love you, old blog, and I find I can write a lot more freely and easily when not concerned about getting my facts straight, or attracting the ever-wily Google bots.

Windowsill-garden event of the day/appropriate metaphor:

Mount Duckling Oriental lily that I've been tending (bloomless) for a good year


Rosemary Flowers December 5, 2008

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Rosemary flowers


Loose Ends: Deck Garden May 3, 2008

Having yearned for rain, I’m feeling pretty fine that it has rained for days on end, so much so that I want to revise the adage to, “Late April and May showers bring flowers eventually.” The weather comes at a good time, too, since I’ve been feeling really under-the-weather. Would’ve been supremely frustrating to be confined to the condo while the sun shone. As it is, I’ve managed to get on top of some projects on my deck garden.

In between (or before?) rainstorms, I managed to waterproof this tile-sample plant stand. Now it’s out there beading away the rain. Wish I had a pot of strawberries to plunk down on top of it.

The faux-copper planters are standing up to the rain, too, and I’m pleased as punch. I filled the second and planted it with spinach and carrots.

The herbs out there have resisted frost damage really well. The lily lost a bud and is looking a little sickly, so I brought it back indoors full time. I have no idea if these extreme temperature changes will be even worse for it than the frost? Poor ting.

I haven’t been back to the plot to check on growth there. Tomorrow, maybe. I’m all excited to put down copper strips as a slug deterrent — it’s rumored to work better than beer traps. And: How swanky.


State of the Sprouts, 5/2/’08: High School Dance May 2, 2008

Mount Duckling Oriental lilies

The exclusive set.


The basketball team.

Natural beauties.

Granola and the hippies.

The freshman.

Really just trying to define himself right now.

Class clowns.

The geeks.

Has a garage band.


State of the Sprouts, April 18th April 18, 2008

The Mount Duckling oriental lilies really shot up in the last week

Basil, Swiss chard, and the younger batch of romaine, indoors

Romaine, now five weeks old and in a refurbished window box

A lone black krim tomato (foreground) and bell pepper sprouts



State of the Sprouts: April 9th, 2008 April 9, 2008

Mount duckling Oriental lily

Basil & Swiss chard

Romaine lettuce, one week old

Romaine, one month old

Freya, five months!


Tulips: Enshadowed… April 3, 2008

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tulips1.jpg Tulip with Shadow